Panera Lags Behind

Panera Lags Behind

According to Business Week, there are current problems in Panera and it simply because they are too slow when it comes to their competition. The core of their problems come from the kitchen. Panera kitchens do not have enough workers, insufficient equipment and telephone calls that slow down labor. Panera raised their prices which in turn drove sales down for the company not only at a corporate level, but franchise as well.

Panera Chief Executive Ronald Shaich defined Panera as in between the “red hot” competition which is fast food and casual dining. One way Panera is trying to keep up with competition is by making their menu more complex by constantly adding on items. This does not only frustrate the customer, but confuse them into what to get. Another thing the customers do not like is their speed expectations are not met. The reason for that is because of the competition Panera is against like Chipolte. Even though Panera is at the higher end of fast food almost being at casual dining, customers still expect quick service with quality food. Panera is lacking on both ends when a year ago they were leading their market.

Panera has come up with many ideas that the company will implement after Thanksgiving. The company chain will add kitchen-display systems to help move orders along. The company will also simplify their menu still offering all dishes, but taking the McDonald’s route in presenting their items in store. Lastly, Panera will stress online orders along with phone orders. Even if that means leaving a customer at the counter…

There are many takeaways from this article for marketers. The first takeaway is how much workers affect the company. Slow workers can have a strong presence just because not only are they slowing down operations, but slowing down the team. Marketers can keep this in mind when creating the marketing teams and the camaraderie that goes along with the team. Another key takeaway from the article is the competition that is going on between the fast food chains and how important customer service is. Marketers can use this when advertising companies and how much of an affect the fast food companies can have on the industry. The last takeaway is the customer experience and how much of an impact it has on society. Marketers can use this in many ways, but one way is when they advertise their business they can stress quality customer service and testimonials. They can also monitor what customers say on social media.


Google’s Idea of Women

Google’s Idea of Women

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women put out an article that went viral on October 21, 2013. the article was mostly pictures, but pictures can speak a thousand words. There was a description to the article and it basically was making aware what happened when you search women on a Google search. The UN Women described these Google searches to be disturbing and illustrated that sexist attitudes still exist in our society today. Google searches like “women cannot”, “women should”, “women need to” and “women shouldn’t,” ended up with these auto complete results: “women need to be put in their places,” “women cannot be trusted,” “women shouldn’t have rights,” and “women should stay home.” The reason these results come up is because they are the most popular searches, which is just unthinkable. The article proved itself to be credible because it stated that each image was found on September 9, 2013. Google is the most popular search engine and its job is to keep things current and appeal the most popular items. The article wanted to make aware that gender inequality still exists and we have a long way to go.

There were many takeaways in this article in regards to marketing and this is the most interesting  articles I have read in a long time. The first key takeaway is how influential Google is. The fact that this grabbed the attention of UN Women all because of Google searches  is very influential. This is key for marketers and how they represent their company and brand. One small thing can go viral and the company can be looked at negatively by Google, the world’s largest search engine. Another takeaway for marketers is the idea of women in society today. Marketers want to be sure to keep women in a positive light not only to attract them, but be a a part of the movement of gender equality. The last takeaway is how credible is Google. This is key for marketers because they need to know what to use and what to ignore when doing research for their company. 

New Facebook for Millennial Generation

New Facebook for Millennial Generation

According to the New York Times, Facebook for current teenagers is now becoming more public due to privacy restrictions. In the past teenagers were only able to post privately within friends, but as a result of a recent change they can now share posts publicly. The motive behind this change were for what the New York Times calls the “savviest” of teenage users. Some examples of these types of teens are musicians are humanitarian activists. 

This kind of service relates more to blogging and tweeting and how they can reach a wider audience. This change was used as a motive to keep up with their social media competition, Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are still in competition for which site is the better site for reaching consumers interested in events like sports, television shows and the news.

The privacy changes also came from the Federal Trade Commission. This would give Facebook the legal right take a user’s post, including a post made by a teenager, and turn it into an advertisement broadcast to anyone who could have seen the original post. 


There are many takeaways from this article in regards to marketing. The first takeaway is that teenagers and their activity on Facebook is even being considered. This is very important to from a customer perspective because they have seen the company of Facebook grow and ultimately are the biggest users. They are the main target market to hit. Another takeaway from teenagers being considered on Facebook is from a future employee perspective. They are the ones using the site and have for most of their internet life, therefore they are the ones with the most knowledge. In the future they will be key assets to the marketing departments and the social media presence of a company. Lastly, another takeaway from the article is how Facebook and Twitter are still in high competition. Marketers need to create ways to differentiate their company through marketing. 

Fill Your Company with Athletes

Fill Your Company with Athletes

David K. Williams with Forbes Company gave 6 reasons to fill your company with athletes. He explains that there are some literal athletes within the company, but he advises his employees to hire people with athlete traits. An athlete will exemplify leadership which will always make for an exceptional hire. 

Reasons to hire athletes and exemplify their traits:

1. Athletes are relentless and have exceptional work ethic. They know what it is like to succeed, but also fail and will not give up until they succeed. 

2. Athletes make and achieve goals. When something goes “unplanned” they find another avenue of succession. They use mentality over physicality.

3. Athletes conform to necessary skills. They have their own special skills, but will always work on new skills to enhance current skills and overall performance.

4. Athletes are like entrepreneurs. They know how to see the big picture and make long-term goals and then create a strategy to ensure success. 

5. Athletes know balance. They know what to do to be the best possible worker and let nothing unnecessary get in the way. 

6. Athletes are team members. They know the strengths of each member of the team and highlight them. They know that having negative attitudes and bad “sportsmanship” is not the answer and gets you no where.


There were many takeaways from this article. One is that advising employees to hire athletes because it is an exceptional hire because of their athletic traits. This is key for any marketing department because they need team players to ensure there will be collaborative ideas and work being done. Another takeaway is that athletes are leaders. A Sales Manager can take this when looking to hire the Sales people because that new person could possibly be a manager one day. The last takeaway is that athletes know balance. As a marketing manager or team member you want someone that will be reliable inside and outside of the office just because there are often times in marketing where work is taken out of the office. 

Forbes thought of the day: 

“ Good sense is at the bottom of everything: virtue, genius, wit, talent and taste. ”

— J.J. de Chenier

Apple is now #1 Brand


According to Stuart Elliot of the New York Times, Apple has now passed up Coca-Cola as Most Valuable Brand. Apple is now the number one brand in the world and this is backed up with the annual report of Best Global Brand. This is the first time in 13 years that Coca-Cola has not been the number one brand.

A surprising comment from Jez Frampton, global chief executive at Interbrand, explained the number one brand and said, “This year, the king is Apple”.  Frampton also mentions in the article that every so often a brand changes the lives of others; this year Apple changed lives because of its ethos. The article continues to explain that Apple is the true example of marketing, being the poster child for every community. In fact, the top 10 brands are all involved in technology and their marketing has changed consumer behavior in how we buy and communicate.

On the other hand, a Coca-Cola executuve mentioned last year when they were the number one brand that “nothing lasts forever”, which can be interpreted as they new it was coming. When Apple received its number one brand, Joseph V. Tripodi, executive vice president and chief marketing and commercial leadership officer, congratulated Apple and was humbled to still be apart of such an esteemed group of brands.


There were many takeaways in this article and many people in the marketing field can find the information useful. One takeaway was the comment last year about “nothing lasts forever”. This can be taken away as negativity and defeat. There was a year ahead of the company and you never know what can happen, that a company should never stop striving to be number one. Another take away can  be the Coca-Cola can use this technology brand as number one to their advantage. People want to stay virtually connected as companies want to do with their customers. Coca-Cola can continue to share their brand within friends and family for decades to come. the last take away is that above all, Coca-Cola, remains far ahead of Apple in likes on Facebook fan pages.