Apple is now #1 Brand


According to Stuart Elliot of the New York Times, Apple has now passed up Coca-Cola as Most Valuable Brand. Apple is now the number one brand in the world and this is backed up with the annual report of Best Global Brand. This is the first time in 13 years that Coca-Cola has not been the number one brand.

A surprising comment from Jez Frampton, global chief executive at Interbrand, explained the number one brand and said, “This year, the king is Apple”.  Frampton also mentions in the article that every so often a brand changes the lives of others; this year Apple changed lives because of its ethos. The article continues to explain that Apple is the true example of marketing, being the poster child for every community. In fact, the top 10 brands are all involved in technology and their marketing has changed consumer behavior in how we buy and communicate.

On the other hand, a Coca-Cola executuve mentioned last year when they were the number one brand that “nothing lasts forever”, which can be interpreted as they new it was coming. When Apple received its number one brand, Joseph V. Tripodi, executive vice president and chief marketing and commercial leadership officer, congratulated Apple and was humbled to still be apart of such an esteemed group of brands.


There were many takeaways in this article and many people in the marketing field can find the information useful. One takeaway was the comment last year about “nothing lasts forever”. This can be taken away as negativity and defeat. There was a year ahead of the company and you never know what can happen, that a company should never stop striving to be number one. Another take away can  be the Coca-Cola can use this technology brand as number one to their advantage. People want to stay virtually connected as companies want to do with their customers. Coca-Cola can continue to share their brand within friends and family for decades to come. the last take away is that above all, Coca-Cola, remains far ahead of Apple in likes on Facebook fan pages.


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