Fill Your Company with Athletes

Fill Your Company with Athletes

David K. Williams with Forbes Company gave 6 reasons to fill your company with athletes. He explains that there are some literal athletes within the company, but he advises his employees to hire people with athlete traits. An athlete will exemplify leadership which will always make for an exceptional hire. 

Reasons to hire athletes and exemplify their traits:

1. Athletes are relentless and have exceptional work ethic. They know what it is like to succeed, but also fail and will not give up until they succeed. 

2. Athletes make and achieve goals. When something goes “unplanned” they find another avenue of succession. They use mentality over physicality.

3. Athletes conform to necessary skills. They have their own special skills, but will always work on new skills to enhance current skills and overall performance.

4. Athletes are like entrepreneurs. They know how to see the big picture and make long-term goals and then create a strategy to ensure success. 

5. Athletes know balance. They know what to do to be the best possible worker and let nothing unnecessary get in the way. 

6. Athletes are team members. They know the strengths of each member of the team and highlight them. They know that having negative attitudes and bad “sportsmanship” is not the answer and gets you no where.


There were many takeaways from this article. One is that advising employees to hire athletes because it is an exceptional hire because of their athletic traits. This is key for any marketing department because they need team players to ensure there will be collaborative ideas and work being done. Another takeaway is that athletes are leaders. A Sales Manager can take this when looking to hire the Sales people because that new person could possibly be a manager one day. The last takeaway is that athletes know balance. As a marketing manager or team member you want someone that will be reliable inside and outside of the office just because there are often times in marketing where work is taken out of the office. 

Forbes thought of the day: 

“ Good sense is at the bottom of everything: virtue, genius, wit, talent and taste. ”

— J.J. de Chenier


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