New Facebook for Millennial Generation

New Facebook for Millennial Generation

According to the New York Times, Facebook for current teenagers is now becoming more public due to privacy restrictions. In the past teenagers were only able to post privately within friends, but as a result of a recent change they can now share posts publicly. The motive behind this change were for what the New York Times calls the “savviest” of teenage users. Some examples of these types of teens are musicians are humanitarian activists. 

This kind of service relates more to blogging and tweeting and how they can reach a wider audience. This change was used as a motive to keep up with their social media competition, Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are still in competition for which site is the better site for reaching consumers interested in events like sports, television shows and the news.

The privacy changes also came from the Federal Trade Commission. This would give Facebook the legal right take a user’s post, including a post made by a teenager, and turn it into an advertisement broadcast to anyone who could have seen the original post. 


There are many takeaways from this article in regards to marketing. The first takeaway is that teenagers and their activity on Facebook is even being considered. This is very important to from a customer perspective because they have seen the company of Facebook grow and ultimately are the biggest users. They are the main target market to hit. Another takeaway from teenagers being considered on Facebook is from a future employee perspective. They are the ones using the site and have for most of their internet life, therefore they are the ones with the most knowledge. In the future they will be key assets to the marketing departments and the social media presence of a company. Lastly, another takeaway from the article is how Facebook and Twitter are still in high competition. Marketers need to create ways to differentiate their company through marketing. 


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