Commuting Can Kill

Commuting Can Kill

According to Yahoo’s most recent news, a long commute for workers can be affecting them in the long run. The article talks about how the luxury of a vehicle as been utilized by many Americans. They use vehicles for travel in search for “better lives and better jobs” as the article states. The article then gets into how much a long commute or the easy convenience of a vehicle can hurt you. The first thing the articles states is how it can lead to diabetes as a result of high blood sugar and cholestrol. A Texas study revealed that people who commute more than 10 miles to work had significantly higher levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. The second thing the article states is how commuting can lead to depression and anxiety. The same Texas study says that a long commute can have a negative impact on someone’s mood which leads to depression and diminishing the quality of life in not only the work place, but ones personal life. Commuting can also lead to exhaustion and sleep deprivation.  Erik Hansson of Lund University stated that, ” the farther a worker lives from her place of employment, the greater chance she has of suffering from exhaustion, lack of sleep, and sickness”. Lastly, obesity can happen because desk jobs are also lack of movement. Also, people are more inclined to eat fast food with a long commute. In conclusion, the article states that this issue can be extended how a long commute seriously harms the environment. 


There are many takeaways that marketers can use from this article.  One takeaway marketers can use is the fact that people will commute a long way for a job. People will do whatever it takes for a job even if that means going a long way for it. Marketers need to keep this in mind when creating their team because it is not only stressful on the commuting individual, but the team as well just when it comes to relying on one another. For example, if there ever is an outside event with the marketing team they all need to take into consideration the commuter. Another take away Marketers can use is that the commuter might be sleep deprived or depressed that can lead to lack of performance . This is not only hurting the individual, but the team and company as well. The last takeaway marketers can use is taken form the last line of the article. Commuting is not environmentally friendly and the marketers do not want to be advertising a company that is harmful to the environment by their commuting workers. 


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