Do Six-Ton Captives Dream of Freedom?

Writer of the New York Times, Jeanette Catsoulis, decided to bring to the table the most talked about film of summer 2013, Blackfish. In the article posted in the New York Times she lures readers in just with the title alone. The article talks about the film and those who were involved. The beginning of the article introduces the director of the film, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, who took a risk to defend these helpless animals that are victimized daily in the parks of Sea World. The movie, Blackfish, focuses heavily on the killer whale named Tilikum, who allegedly killed 3 trainers while being held captive. The article states that movie simply unfolded the truth about what Seaworld was hiding from all and the false public image that the parks have. The article continues to go into detail about the amount of deaths that have happened at these types of parks and the author uses direct quotes from the movie, such as, “a trainer crushed between two gigantic beasts with only his wet suit holding him together”. Lastly the article ends with a direct quote from the director of the film. She stated, ” I question the advisability of exploiting mammals whose brains may be more complex than our own”. 


There are many takeaways form this article solely because there is an entire documenatry behind it. One takeaway, is how much this film hurt the Seaworld brand image. No matter if this documentary was true or false, it was still put into the public eye and people have the right to believe what they want. Therefore, someone can use this information given against Seaworld and not attend their parks. Another takeaway form the article, was the title alone. The author took an unbiased approach to the article, because in reality  people are entitled to their own opinion and it will ultimately lure a reader into the article. A final takeaway from the article is teh amount of marketing that can be done with this movie is very apparent. Ocean protection agencies can take full advantage of this film and advertise their industries and ultimately take the market advantage away form Seaworld.