A Great Teammate Is a Great Listener

According to the New York Times writer, Adam Bryant, sports do not stop before adulthood, they continue onto the business world. The article consisted of an interview between John W. Rogers, chief executive and chief investment officer, with Ariel Investments and the writer, Adam Bryant. Adam started off the interview by asking Rogers what sports he was involved in. Rogers replied that he was Team Captain of Princeton Basketball Team and was a vendor and Cubs and White Sox parks. He then went on to ask Rogers what lessons he learned playing basketball and Rogers replied by telling his story. He said he was not the best by far and the only reason the coach kept him on the team was because he worked so hard. Rogers explained that his coach taught him two things: teamwork and caring about your teammates and precision, and those two things changed his life. Later in the article Adam went on to ask Rogers how his leadership is today. Rogers replied by explaining how critical it is to remind people that you do want their opinion and that you are really listening. Also, letting them know how much you hear them and respect their opinion. Rogers states, “If you’re going to be an ultimate teammate, you’ve got to be a great listener.” The article then goes into the hiring process and what Rogers specifically does in regards to that. Rogers states that they look for independent thinkers. Those who are comfortable standing alone and have their own point of view. Another thing they look for as a company is teamwork. Someone who likes to see other succeed. A way to sense this is if someone needs to be the center of attention the entire time. The last thing they look for is someone who will work hard and genuinely love their job. At the end of the article, Rogers gives advice to soon to be college grads. One piece of advice he gives is to work hard form Day 1. Show your boos you are willing to go the extra mile. Another piece of advice is to look for ways to help your teammates and live up to your commitments. Be that rare person where people know your word is your bond and you are going to do exactly what you say. 


There are many takeaways that come from this article. One takeaway is the fact that Rogers stems his success back to sports and his experiences. He talks about how Priceton basketball changed his life and conducts a business model for his company around the team motto which is, teamwork. Another takeaway form the article is that Rogers looks for teamwork qualities during an interview process. Even though you cannot very much exemplify this, he looks for certain things that portray team work or not. The last takeaway is the advice for college graduates. Rogers knows first hand what he wants out of his employees and is laying it out for everyone to see to be successful in their work. 

One of the greatest articles I have ever read. 


First Girl to Ski Jump in an Olympic Event

According to Yahoo! sports, the first ever women’s ski jump event took place this past week in the Sochi Olympics. Kevin Kaduk, writer for Yahoo! sports, went inside the U.S. team and covered a story on one special woman jumper, Sarah Hendrickson. The article does not start off as good as it ends talking about Sarah’s. Late last year, Sarah’s hopes of a first time ever gold medal, not only for herself but for all women almost came crashing down due to a torn ACL and MCL that resulted from a crash. This knee injury led to Sarah having a lower gate at this years Olympics, which is understandable knowing how long a torn ACL takes to heal let alone get back to such an extreme sport. Even though the injury is a disappointment to Sarah, she still will proudly be the first woman ever to take on the jump at an Olympic game. This is the first time since men starting the ski jump in the 1924 Olympics that women are allowed to compete. Kevin later explained in the article that in the past women were good enough to test out the hills for the men, but never good enough to compete. The reason for women not being able to compete was because they faced discrimination and medical claims that the jumps were too dangerous for them and could possibly harm their reproductive systems. In 2008, Hendrickson sued the Vancouver Games for the right to compete in 2010. They were successful and were allowed in Sochi in 2011. 27 women were apart of this movement, and all have something to be proud of.

There are many takeaways from this article that can be interpreted in many ways. One takeaway is the fact as to why women were never allowed to compete. This is something that is not ethically correct just because of the fact they could not do it because of their bodies. Ultimately, women are not that different from men having two legs and two arms which is good enough credibility to perform something that they are fully capable of. Another takeaway from the article is the fact that the women had to sue the Vancouver Games to get their point across. This might possibly lead to other sports wanting to do the same thing. Discrimination should not be tolerated in the Olympic Games and the women skiers made that apparent. Lastly, another takeaway is how much our society has progressed in the last years. Women are no longer to be thought of as a lower to men, but equal and just as strong!